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Smoking I Wait - Feature Film


Directed by Adriana L. Dutra


Heavy smoker for more than 20 years (two packs a day), actress and director of Brazilian film festivals abroad Adriana L. Dutra decided to go deep into the question: after all, why is it so difficult to give up cigarettes?

What began as a personal interest grew and gained proportions of extensive research on the subject. However, Smoking I Wait far exceeds the size of a documentary in its own right. (Ney Latorraca, Miúcha, Washington Olivetto, Carla Camuratti, among many others) reveal their battles with cigarettes, while advertisers, lawyers, sociologists and doctors analyze the techniques of diffusion and the consequences of the use of nicotine, and their high level of chemical and psychological dependence.

The film presents the evolution of cigarette consumption since its inception, through changes in consumption habits throughout history and marketing strategies, denouncing the omission of the industry regarding the disclosure of medical data and indemnities.

The denunciation also extends to one generally neglected side of the issue - the condition of the tobacco planters, who are left to their own devices and marginalized by the industry's huge profits, as Venancio Aires farmers in Rio Grande do Sul reveal.

An inspired animation created by Fabiana Egrejas and Carlos Duba traces the historical and cultural evolution of the cigarette, while scenes of Hollywood cults show how gallantry and divas contributed to the profits of the tobacco industry.

Among the dead - the staggering 100 million mark attributed to addiction in the 20th century - and hit, those who manage to quit smoking in time - the director's case - are saved at least until the film's debut.

Trailer Smoke I Wait

Cast & Crew

Direction and Screenplay: Adriana L. Dutra; Executive production: Cláudia Dutra; Associated Producers: Kátia Fernandes, Quanta; Collaboration in script: Flávia Guimarães, Paula Dutra; Production Director:  Cláudia Dutra; Assembly: Tuco; Photography and Camera: Tamur Aimara; Animation: Fabiana Egrejas, Carlos Duba; Sound Editing: Lulu Farah; Assistant director: Flávia Guimarães, Viviane Spinelli; Production: Carla Piske, Fabio Zambroni, Flávia Guimarães, Fernanda Kalume; Casting Director: Carla Piske, Flávia Guimarães; Search: Valéria Burke; Research Assistant: Samantha Ribeiro; Post Production: Marcelo Pedrazzi; Original Soundtrack: Wellington Soares, Felipe Rodarte; Instrumental Piano: Lulu Farah; Animations Tracks: Fabiana Egrejas, Carlos Duba.

Adriana Dutra at the Programa do Jô | Doc "Smoking I Wait"




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