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Transtime - Feature Film
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Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra

Documentary / 75min


We live in different times. We are always rushing, rushing for no reason, rushing for nothing, as if time were speeding up. Everything suggests speed, urgency; our lives are always fastened to the obligation of the next task. But after all, why does time seem so short?


New technologies and globalization promote the constant, growing and simultaneous production of content and information. Sharing privacy through social networks suggests losing it. Stuck in cell phones, computers, facebooks, twitters, conference calls, our identity multiplies and we are present everywhere at the same time. The mere act of contemplation was lost in the face of the immense amount of stimuli offered.


Transtime investigates the main lines of our consciousness about time and the characters interviewed make a deep reflection on the civilization and the future of time of human existence.


The documentary arises from the director’s conflict about the time. She, filmmaker and cultural business woman live racing against time with an intense routine of appointments. Now she lives a challenge: find more time to make a documentary, which by contract, must be created, produced and completed in 1 year.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra; Screenplay: Adriana L. Dutra e Flávia Guimarães; Co-Direction: Walter Carvalho; Cinematography: Walter Carvalho e Bacco Andrade; Executive Production: Cláudia Dutra e Viviane Spinelli; Production Direction: Flávia Guimarães; General Production: Alessandra Alli; Production - Brasil: Thiago Guimarães; Production - EUA: Eloisa Lopez; Production - França: Paula Junqueira; Production - Reino Unido: Fernanda Franco; Sound: Marcel Costa; Soundtrack: Luca Ariel e Pedro Silveira; Editing: Renato Martins; Production / Distribution: Inffinito

Transtime is available in the catalog of NETFLIX, AMAZON and NOW.




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