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In content production, we produce feature films, series, and documentaries for cinema, TV, streaming, and digital media.

n the Festival sector, we are pioneers in the creation and realization of exclusively Brazilian film festivals abroad, where we have already produced 98 editions of the Inffinito Festival Circuit in 14 cities around the world, with the aim of creating new business opportunities and visibility for Brazil.

Our cultural events include tours, concerts, itinerant exhibitions, and art exhibitions in general. Our events are transformative experiences. is our streaming platform, where we organize and make available thematic exhibitions, festivals, and on-demand films, always focusing on Brazilian audiovisual production.

We believe that culture is an important tool for transformation, and we use our expertise to transform individuals through training workshops, literary rounds, film screenings, masterclasses, and actions that strengthen the collective.

We know that the cultural sector, besides generating wealth and impacting all dimensions of the economy, is crucial for job creation, political and sectoral articulations, artistic recognition, and visibility of Brazil abroad.

Welcome to INFFINITO.

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