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Op América Div 4
Op América Div 2



7 episodes of 25 minutes each

Production by: Cláudia Dutra
Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra


Miguel from Cuba, Alba from Argentina, Urbano from Brazil, Adriana from Venezuela, Hugo from Bolivia, Angie from Haiti, Beto from Colombia. Seven characters, seven countries, seven stories, seven struggles. What they have in common: their Latin origin and migration to rich North America. Each with their own reasons, each with their own battle.

Touching stories that help us build a valuable snapshot of contemporary Latin America history and its powerful impact on American society. What has led to the exodus of over 55 million Latinos to the United States in the past 20 years? What makes a person leave behind their family, their job, their roots, and venture into such a different and often hostile country? Is the American dream possible for a foreigner? A reflection on belonging, perseverance, loneliness, and longing, in a poignant portrait of Latin America and its people.

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