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CINE FEST BRASIL CANUDOS 2012 festival -5700
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CINE FEST BRASIL CANUDOS 2012 festival -5709
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The only festival of the Inffinito Festival Circuit held in Brazil, the Cine Fest Brazil – Canudos’ mission is to broaden the scope of Brazilian audiences for national films, using cinema as a tool for social transformation and professional development.

Canudos is a historic city in Brazil, completely forgotten in the country's cultural map. With the desire to contribute in some manner to this important region we held the first edition of Cine Fest Brasil - Canudos in May 2008. The Festival exhibited Brazilian films on a large outdoor screen installed in the main square, and provided training workshops for the young people from the Canudo’s state education system. During these workshops (acting, directing, screenwriting, and art direction), a short film was developed by the students which was screened on the last day of the Festival.

During the 10 years of the Festival, we screened hundreds of Brazilian films in the wilderness of Bahia, and trained approximately 4,000 underprivileged youth many of whom have since been integrated into the audiovisual sector. We also inaugurated a Cine Club with the donation of 400 Brazilian films as well as computers to schools.

The Cine Fest Brasil - Canudos is evidence that cultural events have the real potential of transforming lives.

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