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Adriana L. Dutra

Viviane B. Spinelli

Cláudia Dutra


Adriana L. Dutra is a curator, filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer. Among her recent works are the reality shows: "Na Barraca em Busca do Amor" (2024), "Alta Estima" (2nd & 3rd seasons - 2024), "Alta Estima" (1st season - 2023). The documentary feature films: "Sociedade do Medo" (2022), "Quero Botar Meu Bloco na Rua" (2019), "Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem" (2018), "Fumando Espero" (2015), "Mulheres da Maré" (2014). The documentaries series: "Sons Brasilis" (2019), "Opção América" (2017), "Opção Laje" (2016), "Transgente" (2016), among others.

She is the director and founder of Grupo Inffinito (1995) and Inffinito Foundation in the USA (1995), responsible for the creation and production of the Inffinito Festival Circuit, consisting of Brazilian film festivals in 14 cities around the world: Miami, New York, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Frascati, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Montevideo, Bogotá, Shanghai, and Canudos.

As a curator, Adriana has curated 97 editions of the Inffinito Festival Circuit, as well as the Brasília Film Festival, Mulheres+ Festival, Shanghai Film Festival, and others.

In 2020, she founded the streaming platform, where she showcases Brazilian content available for the national and international market.

She was part of the Brazilian Oscar commission in 2019, a jury member of the Netflix Prize, the Goya Prize Commission in Brazil in 2018, a jury member of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, and the Cuiabá Film Festival.

She is the Director of the Festival Forum.


Is from Rio de Janeiro, graduated in marketing,  a Gemini, and mother of three girls - Stella, Catharina, and Manuella. 

Cláudia Dutra is one of the directors and founding partners of the Inffinito Group in Brazil and the Inffinito Foundation in the U.S. With 30 years of experience in the audiovisual and cultural sectors, she has been responsible for the creation and production of significant cultural events such as: Inffinito Festival Circuit, Cine Pedal Brasil, Noites do Rio, Viena - Cidade dos Sonhos, 15 x Austria, Cine Verão do Rio, Cine Itinerante, and Conexão Samba.  


As a producer in the audiovisual sector, she co-executive produced several films and TV series. Amongst them: Smoking I Wait (Fumando Espero - 2015), Transtime (Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem - 2018), A Journey Thru Rio's Street Parade (Quero Botar Meu Bloco na Rua - 2019), Slab Option (Opção Laje - 2016), Deu Verde, and Sons Brasilis (2019). Amongst her recent works are Vozes do E! reality show Alta Estima, and the feature film Society of Fear (Sociedade do Medo).


She served as a jury at short film festivals in São Paulo and Goiânia and received an award celebrating her body of work in film festivals - CINE PE and São Luís do Maranhão. She is a founding member of the Forum of Festivals, a member of CBC (Brazilian Film Sector Congress) and the Brazilian Academy of Cinema

In 2018, she founded the Mulheres Mix (Women’s Mix) platform and is currently its director, presenter, and content creator. She is also one of the founders and creators of the platform.


Born and raised in Cuiabá, Brazil, Viviane Bressane Spinelli graduated from Universidade Santa Úrsula, Rio de Janeiro, in 1992 in Urbanism and Architecture.


However, her passion for cinema, events, and arts inspired her to follow a different path.  After moving to the US in 1994, Viviane Spinelli together with Adriana L. Dutra and Cláudia Dutra founded the Inffinito Art Foundation. She is also the Executive Director and co-founder of the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival.


Based in the United States, she is responsible for business management, fundraising, event production, and promoting international events - with the Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival as its flagship endeavor.  


In 2020, she and her partners created the streaming platform Viviane directed and produced the documentaries Pioneers (Pioneiros) and the musical Caravana Mato Grosso, and served as executive producer of the film Transtime (Quanto Tempo o Tempo Tem - 2018), created the TV series Option America (Opção América), produced the documentary Society of Fear (Sociedade do Medo) in the US and assisted the film director on the documentary Smoking I Wait (Fumando Espero - 2015). In 2018 Viviane received the Commendation of the Order of Rio Branco from the Brazilian government.


In 2023 the Brazilian Film Festival is celebrating 28 years, with editions in both Miami and New York City.

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