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Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra
Documentary / 76min
Rating: Suitable for all ages


Society of Fear provides a profound reflection on the epidemic of fear that plagues contemporary people. Beyond primal fear, the state of vital alertness for our survival, we are also exposed to another kind of fear: one that is a fabricated and controlled fear which acts as the main currency of institutions, political parties, and large corporations.

The film is a road movie that travels around the world to talk to important figures in search of an understanding where fear is the driving thread. The documentary aims to critically examine this issue, exploring the origins of a society absorbed in its fears and, consequently, in the ferocious consumption of possible palliatives that contribute to our loneliness and to barbarism.

Society of Fear is a feature film that forms part of a trilogy of documentary films developed, scripted, and directed by filmmaker Adriana L. Dutra.

In this trilogy, the director shares her routine and own personal stresses in the process of creating films which focus on sensitive and universal issues that affect modern mankind. The trilogy began with the feature film Fumando Espero (2009), which delved into the universe of nicotine addiction, followed by Transtime (2015), which addresses the perception of time in contemporaneity, and Society of Fear, which addresses fear in our society.

Available on GLOBOPLAY and NOW.

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