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Emicida - AmarElo North American Tour - Part 1.00_02_31_06.Quadro004



The Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival of New York is an official event of New York’s cultural calendar, recognized as a powerful business prospecting tool, for the visibility and promotion of Brazil in the Americas.

The Festival takes place in important cultural venues across New York, with open-air exhibitions in various parks of the city, such as the traditional East Village by Angelika and the Central Park Summer Stage.

The Inffinito Film Festival in addition to showcasing films from recent Brazilian productions, also holds thematic exhibitions, concerts, business rounds, and social events. Annually, Brazilian and American actors, directors, and producers meet at the Festival in order to create new business opportunities. 

Amongst the artists who have performed at the Festival are: Maria Rita, Preta Gil, Toquinho, Paralamas do Sucesso, Mart’nália, Margareth Menezes, Araketu, Gabriel Pensador, Maria Gadu, Silvia Machete, and many others.

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