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Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra
Documentary / 75min / 2015
Rating: Suitable for all ages



We live in a different time. We always run, we run for no reason, we run for nothing. As if time had become faster. Everything suggests speed, and urgency, and our lives are always tied to the duty of some task. But after all, why does time seem so short?

New technologies and globalization promote constant, growing, and simultaneous production of content and information. The sharing of privacy through social networks suggests the loss of it. Trapped in cell phones, computers, Facebook, Twitter, and conference calls, our identity multiplies, and we make ourselves present everywhere at the same time. The simple act of contemplation has been lost in the face of the immense amount of stimuli offered.

"How Much Time Does Time Have" investigates our consciousness about time, and deeply reflects on civilization and the future of human existence through a series of interviews with the key participants.

The documentary is based on the director's conflict over the issue of time and the lack of it in her life. As a filmmaker and cultural entrepreneur, she lives racing against time with an intense routine of commitments in an incessant desire to accomplish her daily tasks. Now she faces a great challenge: finding more time to make a documentary that must be delivered to the sponsor in 365 days. The film must be created, produced, and finished in 1 year. What to do now? With what time?


Directed by: Adriana L. Dutra; Screenplay: Adriana L. Dutra and Flávia Guimarães; Co-directed by: Walter Carvalho; Cinematography: Walter Carvalho and Bacco Andrade; Executive Production: Cláudia Dutra and Viviane Spinelli; Production Direction: Flávia Guimarães; General Production: Alessandra Alli; Production in Brazil: Thiago Guimarães; Production in the USA: Eloisa Lopez; Production in France: Paula Junqueira; Production in the UK: Fernanda Franco; Sound: Marcel Costa; Soundtrack: Luca Ariel and Pedro Silveira; Editing: Renato Martins; Production / Distribution: Inffinito

Available on NETFLIX, NOW and INFF.ONLINE.

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